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Bonsai store Montreal is the biggest Bonsai store in Montreal, specializes in the sale of more than 1500 references in stock: indoor and outdoor bonsai, tools, pottery, accessories, decoration, fertilizer ...
Fukien Tea on sale
sku: 00-FukienTea

ON SALE AT 119.99$


sku: Bonsai-Black-Olive

From 99.99$

Bonsai Cherry Brush
sku: Bonsai-Cherry-Brush

From 139.99$

sku: Bonsai-Elm

From 99.99$

Bonsai Ficus
sku: Bonsai-Ficus

From 119.99$

Bonsai Fcus 50 years
sku: Bonsai-Ficus-Big

From 1250.00$

Bonsai Fukien Tea 50 years
sku: Bonsai-Fukien-Tea-Big

From 1250.00$

Bonsai Fukien Tea
sku: Bonsai-FukienTea

From 120.99$

sku: Bonsai-Ginger

From 69.99$

Ginseng Bonsai
sku: Bonsai-Ginseng

From 69.00$

sku: Bonsai-Grenade

From 89.99$

Bonsai Jade
sku: Bonsai-Jade

From 115.99$

Bonsai Juniper
sku: Bonsai-Juniper

From 129.99$

sku: Bonsai-Mistletoe-fig

From 85.99$

Bonsai Money Tree
sku: Bonsai-Money

From 59.99$

Bonsai Privet
sku: Bonsai-Privet

From 129.00$

Bonsai Roots Serissa
sku: Bonsai-Roots-Serissa

From 99.00$

sku: Bonsai-Serissa

From 120.99$

Set Bonsai Tool
sku: Bonsai-set-10

From 159.99$

Bonsai Sweet Plum
sku: Bonsai-Sweet-Plum

From 139.00$

Umbrella Tree Bonsai
sku: Bonsai-Umbrella

From 119.99$

Bonsai Food/Fertilizer
sku: BonsaiFoodFertilizer

From 12.99$

Pruning shear 145mm
sku: Ciseaux-145mm

From 35.99$

Pruning shear 190mm
sku: Ciseaux-190-mm

From 39.99$

Standard shear 200mm
sku: Ciseaux-200mm-inter

From 59.99$

Standard shear 210mm
sku: Ciseaux-210mm-droit

From 39.99$

Chelated ironEDTA 13%
sku: EDTA13%

From 15.99$

Root hook
sku: Griffe-a-racines

From 29.99$

Root hook 3 teeths
sku: Griffe-racines-3-dents

From 22.99$

Sphagnum Moss
sku: MousseSphaigne

From 8.99$

sku: Perlite

From 3.99$

Large concave cutter 210mm
sku: Pince-210mm-a-creuser

From 43.99$

Root plier 200mm
sku: Pince-concave-200mm

From 45.99$

Llarge wire cutter 180mm
sku: Pince-coupante-180 mm

From 25.99$

Knob Cutter
sku: Pince-Sphérique

From 33.99$

Sac coco
sku: Sac-Coco

From 3.99$

Screw clamp
sku: Tord-tronc

From 25.99$

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