Father'S day June 20, 2021

With our bouquet, our bonsai, our roses...
will know how to celebrate your dad.

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Immortal roses

A stabilized rose is a natural rose which has been naturally treated to keep its texture, color and freshness. Thanks to this technique it will continue to radiate its beauty for at least 3 years. The rose with stem is 60 cm long and is made of natural foliage.

$37.99 $42.99

Same day Montreal Flower Delivery 

Bonsai Montreal
Indoor & outdoor bonsai

Bonsai good luck charm sign and symbols to promote good luck, happiness, prosperity, wealth, health and longevity.

Fleurs Funérailles Montréal
Funeral Flowers

Flowers for funerals are an appropriate and respectful way to commemorate the memory of a loved one.

Fleurs pas cher
Deal of the day

Every week there are always deals on flowers, roses, arrangements, plants and more.

Fleurs pour maternité nouveau bébé
Maternity New Baby Flowers

Celebrate the arrival of a newborn by sending flowers, teddy bears, balloons ... for the newborn.

Bouquet pour anniversaire fête
Anniversary & Birthday Flowers

Mark the birthday or a celebration of someone you love by having a bouquet of flowers delivered.

Fleurs pour prompt rétablissement
Get Well Flowers

Send flowers for a speedy recovery to say you're thinking of someone.

Panier gourmets
Gourmet Basket

For all your occasions send a gourmet basket. Gourmet baskets are good for morale.


At Arum florist, we offer a very wide choice of green and flowering plants.

speaking roses
Printed Roses

Printed roses or embossed roses will be a hit with your recipient.

75$ and more is

*Only in the list of funeral home mentioned below.

  • Complexe Funéraire Saint-François d'Assise - 6700 rue Beaubien Est, Montreal, H1M3B2.

  • Magnus Poirier Complexe funéraire Sherbrooke - 6825 rue Sherbrooke Est, Montréal, H1N 1C7.

  • Magnus Poirier Complexe funéraire Viau - 7388 boul. Viau, Montreal, H1S2N9.

  • Complexe Yves Légaré - 6130 boul. Louis-H Lafontaine, Montréal, H1M1S8.

  • Salon Funéraire Lajeunesse Fortin Cenac - 8005 rue Notre-Dame Est, Montréal, H1L 3K9.

  • Coopérative Funéraire du Grand Montréal - 9480 rue Notre-Dame Est, Montréal, H1L 3N9.

  • Résidence Funéraire T. Sansregret - 4419, rue Beaubien Est, Montréal, H1T 1T2.

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